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Hinduism Today (Magazine)
Review - Digital Dharma

While many new web 2.0 sites are coming online, they often lack substance. Meanwhile, others like http:/ are all about content. The site's lean design allows fast access to an incredible Hindu gold mine: "Understanding Hinduism." It is a simple model: a collection of excerpts from the writings of great saints like Swami Sivananda, the epics and Vedas, all organized under more than 200 in-depth pages. Links such as Hinduism-Brief Sketch, Founder of Hinduism, Vrat-Resolution, Marriage, Mind Power, Mantras, Sacred Fire, Cows Are Sacred, Guru, Silent Teachings, Caste System, Untouchables, Yuga and Dharma each take you into a mini-world of fascinating texts and additional links. The page on marriage alone is a treasure chest of information on this crucial life ceremony. Bookmark this site for future reading. It will take you months to peruse all the information. Thanks to the creators of this site for their meticulous attention to getting together so much content in one place, and so well organized!

Hinduism Today (Magazine)

I would personally like to thank you folks for putting up
such a great, educational, useful and inspiring spiritual
& religious website Thank you.



Hi Sir/Madam,

I would like to appreciate you efforts for populating
your website with profound knowledge. Thanks a million.
It is a great knowledge base.



"Sur Velag"

Good work

this is a wonderful site I passed on to many of my friends and they said that they put it in their favorites list!
Well, it is nice to read what a hindu feels about Christianity.
I appreciate your hardwork in making this site a fantastic one!



Great Site

Hi, My praise for your clear and informativ
e site on hinduism.

Best Regards


Hello, Thank you so very much for sending me this information.
It helped enormously and i have now completed my assignment.
I really enjoyed doing it and learnt so much interesting information from your words and your website. It is a terrific website and i have now got my whole family reading it and interested!

Thank you again and best wishes, Miriam.


Great Website. Thank you.
Hi, I would like to Thank all the people who are working
hard to maintain this wonderful website.
I would love to show this website to all my friends and family. Also, it would be a great thing if there
is a Hindi version of this website.

Thank You and wish you guys all the best.

Thank you so much for your extraordinary website.
It has nourished my soul and mind.

Shabari Lynda Bird

Excellent Site!
This site is excellent and shows Hindusim at its
purest with its collection of indepth knowledge!. Keep
it up!
Lalith Noble Surjove


Namaskaara. I am an Indian undergoing training in Engineering in Germany. I find your website very informative and very vast in coverage. I request you to provide information on Dwaita, Adwaita and Vishishtadwaita approaches and misunderstandings/misconceptions surrounding them in the minds of common man of today (I am not sure whether you have already posted this information since I have not gone through your website fully). Please keep up your good work. With best wishes and best regards, Chandrashekhar. ___________________

Universal Laws

"Julie Williams"

I came across your site today and I am blown away, what an amazing service you have provided here, I am honoured to have come across it.
I need to spend an awful lot more time looking through, but I wondered whether you had any teachings on the Universal Laws and if so where I might look for them.
Julie (United Kingdom)

Mutyala Rao Aripaka"
Fantastic work on articles regarding Hinduism!!!


I am Mutyala Rao from Bangalore,India. I am really fascinated by I am amazed with the huge, accurate information and statistics u collected about our traditions and Vedic Literature. I have ardent respect towards the traditions designed by our ancestors. I pity the situation now in India, birtch place of the Vedas, there is not much importance is not being given to them. I felt ashamed when i read about vedic mathematics in the site b'coz I dont even know that there is one science called Vedic Mathematics in Vedic Literature till then.

I bought book on Vedic Mathematics and reading. I was surprised by the techniques which were designed thousands of years ago to solve even very complex problems. I am surprised why we, Indians have ignored Vedas and failed in utilising knowledge hidden in them. Atleast now we should try to explore Vedas and apply them in various fields to achive development and prosperity. I would also like to appreciate the article u wrote on Kaaba. Hats off to the information you collected. I feel your site as a way for me to get some spiritual strength. I have also encouraged many of my friends to go thru They were also impressed by the vast information and your intention to promote spiritual knowledge of Hinduism.

Thanks a Lot.
Mutyala Rao.Aripaka,
Hexaware Technologies Ltd,



Hello Dears,
You must be congratulated a lot for creating and maintaining website where we hindus find a lot of our sanatan heritage.
I surf your website many times whenever I am in some trouble or facing some problems in the life. This site has always given me a lot of motivation and guidance to live strongly.

Keep it up.
Rajiv Joshi

Excellent Site for Information

I came to your site quite accidentally thro' one of the mass mailing of a friend of mine. (They normally send jokes and quotes about India and many times I ignore those mails).
I am glad that I did not skip this one.

It is an excellent website with so much of wealth of info for

I have worked at NASA and I am anastronomy buff. I enjoyed reading the article on Bell's Theorem and Vedantha and Quantum theory. I have bookmarked this site and would sure come back and read them.

I am not a very religious person per se; but has immense faith in our vedanta and the excellent foresight and knowledge of our ancestors.
Hence, these are the ones I would like to read and I found a place to do so. …Keep up the Good work and may God Bless you.
Desi Vijayaraghavan

Great work and Great achievement

Dear Sir / Madam,

Kindly accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the good work you are doing through this web site.
This site is no less than the Himalayas. Like the Himalayas has produced so many Rishis and Yogis, your site is going to produce countless great souls within as well as outside the Hindu tradition. May the Supreme Power shower His grace, glory and blessings on this excellent work which is fulfilling the spiritual thirst of millions like me.

Dr. M. Ganapathi Qatar
Hindu website

You are a great person/scholar. There are not too many words to be said, but I will be forever grateful to people like you. If you are ever in Canada, maybe you could email me? I dont know if you teach publicly like some gurus but if you do, I would be very interested in helping out in any way that I can.

My phone number is ……

Thank you,


After a long time, I visited your web-site again. I
did not know that you were updating the site or I would have kept on coming more regularly.

It goes without saying that your's is a very good web-site. And while I enjoy it very much, I wanted to ask you if you need any help in maintaining it. If so, I would be honoured to help you in any way that I can.

Thanks a lot for maintaining the website.

-RaviShekhar G.

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who you are

Hello. Your website is very substantial, and I’d like to use it as an educational resource. I do not see, however, a description of who you are and what your credentials are.
Is this info posted? If not, could you tell me?

David Smith, Ph.D.
Taylor University

Re: Your web page

I periodically visit your site and I have learnt a lot from the material on your site. i was unable to access the site a week back. I got the message that there were errors. I was concerned that somebody may have tried to tamper with the site. I hope by the grace of God everything is fixed up. You are doing a great service and I pray that God's blessings be with you always.
Jan Nagraj
A really excellent site.
Thanks for tons of useful information.

Ravin Naidoo
(South Africa)

Your site is excellent and I love to surf it whenever
I need rest, peace of mind etc. ……


Web site is really good


Web site contain lot of information, it was really helpful to me.
Thanks for maintaining such a good web site.

Dear Sirs

this is to convey my sincere appreciation for the quality and information on this site - it is fabulous and absolutely outstanding.

Ravi Shankar
Author(s) of this website:
I am using your wonderful website as a cited document in a research paper I am writing, and I am wondering if you could give me a little more information about the author(s) of the website to clarify my bibliography, preferably an author's name or at least the name of the group running the website.

Thank you very much,
Matthew Roberts.
Subject: Thanks for wonderful site

I just want to thankyou for the wonderful site on Hinduism. It looks like you have collected lot of very good material. Please keep it up.

I am curious who are you and what organization is this.
Are you selling books etc.

Umesh Gandhi

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I was really impressed by the details the site offers
and would really appreciate the efforts taken in making
this website so comprehensive.

It has the festival dates / their relevance and so many
other things you cannot find in a single website.

I liked the comparison to Christianity and the food charts.
Well it has all the stuff that my parents told me when I
was a kid about Hindusiam.

Finally I would really congratulate all of them involved
in this effort and its a very good site which is simple to
understand and interesting.

Kavita Prabhakar
I just visited your site and I am very impressed.
This is one of the best sites about any religious beliefs.
It is very informative and unbiased. I will visit often.
Re: wonderful site

This is the most wonderful site on Hinduism that I have ever seen. You have collected so much information over here in an complied form.I think u should introduce a Site map navigation for easier navigation of information.

Is there a CD for this work. This is a valuable source of information that must be kept.I wish to buy it if possible.

--- Yogesh Wakde
Hi There
Brilliant site. There is a wealth of information on your site...
Thank you
Dhanashen Naidoo
Great Website

I love your website. Rich with fascinating information. I've spent and will continue to spend a great deal of time perusing your pages. I particularly like the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Very cool. I hope your site will be around for some time to come. Thanks for disseminating such valuable and fascinating subject matter.

Appreciation from an individual in Virginia, U.S.A.
Superb site


We as an Indian are moving to western society thinking that western world are more civilized, advanced, scientific. I hope that your site would make us realize that we are much more advanced, civilized and would just restrict this migration.

Apart from this, the site provides an excellent information about Hinduism. It also makes us thinks that religion is no different from science
Good Job Done.....

3 cheers for all the team members
Ashish Goel
--- Adiyan Dharmottara

Dear Sir first of all I would like to thank you very much and I appreciate you because of your perfect web site. It is really perfect to understand Sanatana Dharma.

Sir, I am a Turkish Sanatani and I have made a Turkish web site about Sanatana Dharma. Sir I want to spread the message of Sanatana Dharma which is ancient, primordial spirituality. What I do is similar you did. Unfortunately there are many misunderstanding about it among the Turkish people and I have made this web site to destroy this wrong ideas that is to say I have no any aim for commerce, to make money. I need more knowledge to put in my web site for this reason I request from you to translate and put some articles of your web site in my web site. I hope that you will support me about this subject. Thank you.

Adiyan Dharmottara

P.S. This web site the only one broder Turkish web site about Sanatana Dharma. There is one more a Turkish web site but other Turkish sites are only about Yoga, Meditation etc. and their sources aren't reliable origin and they say wrong somethings about these practises for example some statements in these web site "There is no any connection Yoga and Sanatana Dharma or We aren't need any Guru because we are God". I want to give true knowledge about these subjects so I put Gurus', Swamis' and Pundits' statements or books in my web site.
My Web address :

I felt very nice seeing your website.The articles are exhaustive and informative.It makes my heart glow with pride to know the unsurpassed heights of the sanatana dharma.

with thanks,
Seshendra kumar

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Hindu Heritage Society (Australia)

You have done an excellent work by putting so much
valuable information on the website. This web site is
the best among so many other websites. keep doing the good work.

keep in touch
Pandit Narayan Bhatt
Sydney Australia
Dear Sir

Your website is really great... It has got very good information and lots of knowledge... Can I copy few of your works into my personal website purelyfor educative and knowledge purpose...Not for commercial purpose..

Best Wishes
Excellent web site
This is very nice site which help to under stand Indian culture, yoga, mantra, spritual, soul, etc. It is very good site. I have touch almost every page and trying to touch all pages. And I have download which I open pages.

Thanking you.
Ravi Shankar

Dear Sir/Madam
This is the best site I have ever found for pursuit of Hinduism.

Best regards
Congratulations and thanks for a good web site on Hinduism

Creators of the Hinduism website:
I just happened to come across your web site and am impressed with the richness and variety of the contents on the site.
Thank you for your painstaking effort.

May I know who you are and what inspired you to create this site? I am asking this because I could not find a link on the site about "About us".

Ramesh Rao
Associate Professor, Communication
Kirksville, MO 63501, USA

An excellent website!


Congratulations on a brilliant website on Hinduism with its deep and rich contents. It would be a long journey for a Sadhaka to course through the knowledge you are disseminating and the ensuing vichara should certainly enlighten him/her and lead towardsself-realization.Since I feel that every Hindu should share what he/shehas studied, learnt and realised, kindly advise me ifthe contents of your Website can freely be distributedto my friends and other people around, in its own form, along with other similar contents like the freearticles and books in the Divine Life Society Website, in a compilation on what every Hindu should know about his/her own religion.

G. Gurunathan
Congratulations and thanks for a good web site on Hinduism

Creators of the Hinduism website:
I just happened to come across your web site and am impressed with the richness and variety of the contents on the site.
Thank you for your painstaking effort.

May I know who you are and what inspired you to create this site? I am asking this because I could not find a link on the site about "About us".

Ramesh Rao
Associate Professor, Communication
Kirksville, MO 63501, USA
Help needed

My name is Brad Green. I am a high school student in the 10th grade. In my history class we are studying the major religions. We have to complete a rather large report comparing and contrasting two religions. I have chosen Hinduism as one of my religions. It would be very appreciated if you could please send me some information on Hinduism.

Some criteria would be major symbols, images, major human and divine figures, practices and other information.
Like i said i would appreciate it so very much if you could send me some information on Hinduism.

Bradley Green

I was the high school student who you helped gather information on Hinduism for a religion portfolio. I told you that i would e-mail you when i received my grade. I would like to let you know that i got a 100% and bonus. He liked my portfolio so much, he is going to keep it as an example for other classes. I must thank you so much, and tell you that you are the biggest reason that i received that grade.
Thank you so much for your help. I'll see you around.

Bradley Green
excellent website

I am not getting words for expressing my appreciation of such a great work. I visit your site at least once a day. I think I learnt a lot from your site. I think this is the first site I have come across which talks about religion in an un-biased tone.I would be interested to know whether all this work is available on a CD. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful site.


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A word of appreciation

I actually wanted to find out more about Kanagi - Kovalan - famous hindu story and accidently landed onto your site

At first I was reading through the stories, happily thinking that they were supposed to be told to children at bed-time but then found out gradually that those stories were actually for the soul.

Especially those about GOD and his principals, death, talk of ego and truth and much more.
I was so moved that I actually felt kind of guilty for being selfish.

What I'm trying to say is this: Whoever it was, whose bright idea to have a web-site like this should be formally applauded and commended. I can sense that a lot of work had been into these stories and the whole formation of the web page.

I am really thankful for the new knowledge that i have gained.
I have been to other 'Hinduism' sites and was never this affected before.

In a word I say - 'THANKS'.

I wish more deep insightful information could be found on the net. Keep up the good work.

Ending with love
Ms Meena
Excellent work

I was amazed going thru your site and was wondering how come I did not find it for so many years.

You are doing a wonderful job of informing the world about such valuable knowledge that exists within our country and society for so many millennia and in a way and tone that is completely in tune with modern times.

May this site always keep growing and reach more and more people - eventually the whole mankind and through your efforts let the whole world one day brace Hinduism.
S. Thakar

Subject: Borrow text to Dutch website?

dear builders of this excellent hindu website, i am busy building my own website in the dutch language. and i want to put some translated information from your website on my website, with many links to your website. please inform me if you agree with this and email me soon. before diwali i want to upload the first edition of my website in dutch.

my website is in fact a hindu literature website (the first one in dutch language) of myself as a dutch hindu writer in the netherlands. it will contain many critical visions upon all sorts of topics from the dutch.

Please email me soon.
Jai Jai Bharat,
wd doerga
authors name: Dewanand (of the Netherlands)
city: Delft
country: the Netherlands
I went through your site and it was the best I havefound in a long long time. A very nice site and I must congratulate you on maintaining such a well-developed site. Lots of knowledge.

Even though there is such a good knowledge on these pages, there is stilll scope for improvement.

I have not gone through the entire web-site (I am doing that now). But on the whole, you have definitely done a very good job.

Congragulations once again and Thank you for such refreshing site.

-RaviShekhar Gopalan.

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I just wanted to congratulate you on your website
An excellent site

Is there anything I can help with or get people to help with

Kind regards
Divesh Nathoo
I have been trying to learn about Hinduism for a long time.
This website had been an invaluable source of information for me.I like the factual and non-judgmental way the information ispresented in your website.I especially like the Hindu-Islam analysis.

Sir, I have been raised as a Moslem, by sole virtue of being born to Moslem parents - though there had been no activities to that effect when I was growing up.It was later during my adolescent years that my parents adopted the identity of a 'true moslem' and in a way made it mandatory for us children to go along. And yet, being raise in the West Javan culture, the cultural values themselves were *very* much Hindu-based, as Hinduism was the way of life before Islam entered Java in the 16th century. So kinship system,taboos, etc were all based on Hindu values. We grew up hearing and reading the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and I was an avid learner of all these characters.The performances based on the two epics were part of everyday's live when I grew up.

I guess I spent years of my adult life trying to reconcile my cultural and spiritual identity. a non-typical moslem and a closet student Hinduism. I know I find more peace and contentment doing Japa five times a day in accordance to Islamic teachings. I knew something had been "wrong" all along, just did not know what it was, and how I could ever reconcile that.I know I feel peaceful and that I was protected, each time I do my morning Japa!If my father find out about this, he would probably disown me and curse me.

Your article about the Kaaba being a possible Hindu temple prior to being converted by Moslems had given me the peace of mind that I was looking for all my life. It is a great relief to hear that it is even 'possible' the Islamic teaching is also based on the previous prominent religion in the Arabian peninsula,that is Hinduism. Now I can look at the image of Kaaba and smile, and peacefully think that inside there could be the scripts quoting the Bhagavad Gita.Now I can appreciate the tradition of Hajj pilgrim, that my parents strive to perform as often as possible, knowing that Hindu teaching might be reflected there too!

In the end,thank you! I would like to continue learning about Hinduism and the Hindu ways of life,and of course continue practicing my meditation and morning japa- for a practical reason that it gives me peace.THANK YOU for being there!
And thank you for being objective, factual and non-judgmental.
Thank you for being fair to other religions! Your site and articles changed my life forever!

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Alfina R. Wilson
Impressive Yes - Wonderful Resource...

with love and respect
Wonderful site!

Dominican Republic.

What is hinduism? Why are hindu people very much less educated about their religion?

Every thing in your site is really great knowledge and a very very very few people knew it.

Why does not our people in remote villages in India are told about all these things?
How can India be developed and made happy?


I just wanted to say that this site is one of the most wonderful site i have ever seen.I am a student of electronics and computer science engineering in UK.I have a firm belief in the teachings of the Bhagwat Gita and Vedas. Infact, I have been trying gather as much knowledge as possible.I see that people are not aware of the teachings of these scriptures.The scriptures have to be explained to the common people as simply as possible and i find this site absoultely great !

I have personally tried to question my own batchmates,freinds and relatives and i have noticed one similar thing.No one has clear views about themselves or their aims.They just need a small amount of reasoning and they get to know what they have to do with their life.I tried explaining them as much i knew about life and thats it... they have changed.
I would like more people to get together and do something to share the knowledge with as much people as possible.

once again this site is great..!!
keep up the good job...


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First let me say what an interesting and informative website this is. .....

Many Thanks,
Thomas Crabb

Thank you
Namaskar, Jai Jai Shri Radhey,

I (My soul not ego) am not only impressed by your website but I owe to you for the information on Hinduism that you have provided to all of us. I appreciate your efforts in helping Mankind to understand about their own existence and providing the map and direction of their life. I would like to know about your organization and location. Please let me know where are you located?

I thank you for being our Guru.

Hare Krishna
With my highest regards,

Pandurengan Venkataraman

Super site

The contents of the site are absolutely amazing and the collection of Sri Ramana Maharshi interviews are spellbounding..!!

Excellent stuff and thanks a lot for hosting such incredible stuff. The articles are well collected and it would be worth to put all the stuff in a book..!!

Again,Thank you

impressive web site

Can you tell me the organization in charge of this web site?
I can't believe the wealth of information from your site!

Thank you,
Christy Engleman

I am an Indian working in South africa.When i saw your website first time today I was in a delighed mood. I have informed others about this website to experience the same . (not to mention that not for marketing about my great religion)

What a marvelous job you have done! No intelctual in the world is superior to an Indian who knows what Hinduism is!
Shashi Holla

Govind Chaitanya

Blessed Self
hari om

i dont know who are all maintaining this site.
i just glanced it and my congratulations to all
of you and may God bless you all.

the site covers maximum area of our knowledge.

wishing you all the best

hi I am planning to use your web site in a paper and i need to know the
nameof the organization or author in charge of this website.

Thank you,
Ginger Baerg

I'm doing a research paper on Hinduism. I need the name(s) of the
person(s)who created this web site. (for my bibliography) can you let me
know as soon as possible? thank you : )


Dr. Anil Maheshwari,
too good for words

Divine soul.
I just happened to stumble on to your website and I am at a loss to understand how could anyone make such a wonderful and informative website and how could anyone gather such information from various sources and also whom to thank for it.

I also want to know if there is a cd available for the same---if it is
available then where can i get it from---i am based in mumbai---india.

ok---om shanti---shivbaba yaad hai
dr anil maheshwari.

I am writing with regard to the website which I have found to be a fascinating read. I am enquiring as to whether the information published on-line is available in written format?
Is there a book which is sold for example? Your assistance is much appreciated, many thanks.

Miss A Patel

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Wonderful Sight

This is a wonderful sight reflecting the right
dimension and unrevealing the tip of the ice berg.


I visited ur website and to tell u the truth i am totally addicted to it! for
months now i've been reading ur intellectual and facinating articles towards
Hinduism and related things. I wud luve to read more articles like these
ones. U've done a really grt job on them! Me being one(hindu) draws me
towards such sites..EXCELLENT!

-Nitu. 16 US

Patel, Shailendra

too good
nice site , good work .

Prem Chander

Dear sir/Madam,

I am very glad to see such an Enormous Information related to religion and
God and other huge information. I am really appreciating you for running
such a web site.

Recently I had gone through search with “Google”, and I stunned getting such
good information with clear details. I am very happy. Your efforts are
really marvelous, wonderful; I am not getting words to praise you.

Once again I am thanking you very much for providing the good

Warm regards,


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand. We are a small Indian community newspaper being distributed free of charge to the local Indian community.We are very keen to reproduce most of your articles as features quoting the source and your website details on a monthly basis. We seek your permission to do so.

Please confirm by return mail whether we can do so.

With best wishes,
Achinto Roy
Editor, The Kiwi Indian
P.O. Box 29-286 Christchurch, New Zealand

Dear Sir/Madam,
I like this website and it is very informational. But
would like to see one addition to this website which
explains who is hosting this web site.

You can add a link e.g. "About US" or something similar to that

If you do not want to put it on the website, you can
let me know who you are are

since I am curious to know that Thanks
Anant Bhatnagar

David Nelson
Great web site!

I love your web site!! Very, very interesting.
Thanks for doing it, it's nice to
have something on the internet to remind of you of real reality, :-)
Do you have any ideas on how I might meet people interested in
awareness of this nature in my community?


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first, i would like to tell the people behind this site
that, this is the best thing i ever found on web. i
guess this is the best way to know us and our culture
taking account of days today.
now i am 21, but i still gaze at children and think,
"no,this was not i used to do when i was 8 or 9 yrs
yes but they are different, more intellect too.. i
guess what we know ( a bit ) about us being a hindu,
is very important.
i might be very crude,but cant resist, after all we are
tolerating people on earth and we are dying.
i would like to know about "hindu fanatism"... is it
good or bad, should it be thr today or no....or just
tolerate... should we change??

PS: search field to ur site will be helpful.

Hari Om,

I am a member of advaitin Yahoo groups list.
On being informed about your site by Shri Ramchandran,
the moderator, I visited it.

Please accept my sincere felicitations on the work
done.It is very informative and well indexed.....

Your technical anlysis of the site visits is also
good. Probably you/ Your group are a IT
professional(s). Any way, good job well done.

P.B.V.Rajan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Awesome website!!!
It is my passion to read about Hinduism. I have visited
several websites, in the quest of knowledge, about the
world's oldest religion, but your website is a materpiece.
It is an encyclopedia on Hinduism.

Keep up the good work.
Best Wishes

Rakesh Gangwani

Thanks! I have been looking for a site like this
for a long, long time.


I was in search of information on the Hindu Planetary
systems and it's effects on Humans and somehow I
came upon your site. this is indeed one on the happiest days
of my existence since the information I find here is ultra-fantasti cand energizing. I will be reviewing and studying the info on your site for months to come.

Keep up the good work! This is so fantastic!

Mrs Prya Maharaj
Trinidad & Tobago

I just recently visited your website and was
very impressed with the content of your site.
I am the webmaster of

Ajay Malhotra

Who does one thank for all this information?

Iam' in a religion class in college,I went back
after 38 years,

My professor needs to know who is in charge of such a wonderful site.

Thank You

Great website

Good afternoon!

This is to let you know how much I do appreciate your website.
As my best friend is an Indian, it really helps me to understand
him better, offering so many answers to so many 'practical' questions...

Thanks from Holland (Europe),

Mrs H. Mensing

Your Site

A friend brought your site to my attention and having
scanned just for few minutes, I am convinced that it
has wealth of info.

I think it is unfortunate that this is not widely known
and brought to the attention of millions of Hindus and the
followers of the Vedic Philosophy.

Please do something to give a wide publicity so that at least
the new 2nd generation, being brought up in the west
understands the true Vedas and its principles.

I will certainly do my best to make as many people
aware of it.

Thank you


I'm Aditya Duvvuri from India.I'm a student pursuing
my B.S in Idaho. I found your web-site very intersting
& very inovating. I found information that is
excellent. I appreciate your effort on spreading
hinduism through the web-site. It also answers some of
the questions that I had previously.
But, I would like to have the contact e-mail address
of some body who can answer my questions in a more
detailed manner.

Expecting an early reply.
Aditya Duvvuri, Idaho., USA

Excellent website!
very well set-up, easy to navigate and read

Is there a CD for this work. This is a valuable source of
information that must be kept.

Rudolph Ramsaroop




This is the most wonderful site on Hinduism that I have
ever seen. You have collected so much information over here...

I feel overwhelmed everytime I visit your site. I really feel
grateful to you for enriching the lives of common men like me
by giving us an opportunity to browse through so much
knowledge under one web site....

Can you please point me to some links where I can buy
original books related to our hindu philosophy and
scriptures ?
you have triggered an interest in me and I would like to study in depth now...

Best Regards,

Your web page has wonderful information on Hinduism.
I want to thank and commend you for your great effort.

Thank you and May Shri Krishna Bless you.

Permesh Tiwari

I tripped onto this website by mistake. But, I am impressed by its content. I will be sure to visit it almost every day to imbibe the teachings of Hinduism.
Just one question. I would like to know who or which organisation is
responsible for setting up this website? I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to them for taking this initiative in a time when spirituality and religion is not given the attention it deserves. I understand one may one to be modest and remain anonymous, but it is just for
my curiosity.

Sundil Ramluggan, South Africa

Business Solutions Architect
Information Technology

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Dear Sir,

A very useful and interesting web site. Congratulations! It gives a complete picture of Hinduism. My best wishes for the good work.

Yours sincerely,
P K K Namboodiri, India

As one who is much impressed by the quality of this site, I am wondering who owns/operates/sponsors/oversees it? I do not find a F.A.Q. link by which to answer these questions for myself, but I am curious. Thank you.

Phyllis Tickle

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful site which contains
comprehensive and well researched information about
Hinduism and related topics. This is one of the sites I must
be missing for so long.

I went through "Trikal Sandhya" and have noted the benefits
of the same. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Hari OM
Atul Agarwal

Subject: Great Work


I have recently been looking for information, that I needed urgently
and stumbled upon your site. I was most pleasantly surprised to find a
wealth of information loaded with references to the actual source texts.
Thank you for a wonderful site. Many thanks

Santosh, South Africa

Re: Your web site is very informative

Hari Om,
I am a member of advaitin Yahoo groups list.
On being informed about your site by Shri Ramchandran,
the moderator, I visited it. Please accept my sincere
elicitations on the work done. It is very informative and
well indexed. Your technical analysis of the site visits is
also good. Probably you/ Your group are a IT professional(s).
Any way, good job well done. Pranams.

P.B.V.Rajan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I was reading your website and I was just curious who the
author is of this website, or who compiled this information
and when was it last updated?
if you can get back to me today I would greatly appreciate it.
Who sponsors your website?


To whom it may concern,
Re: Thanks for maintaining this excellent Site.


I really liked your site. While searching for an explanation for the term Panchakaranam, I came across your site. I found the article quite scholarly and complete. I am the owner of a discussion group advaitin

( focusing on
discussing Shankara's advaita philosophy. We have over 600 members in the mailing list. One of the members had a question on Panchakaranam and I have provided the explanation

from this site with appropriate reference. I have also made a request to the members asking them to visit your site and learn more on Hinduism. Warmest regards,

Ram Chandran
Advaitin List Owner and Moderator

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I work at the Centre for Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation at Coventry University UK. I am currently writing a short article on the concept of forgiveness in the Hindu tradition. I have found your website very useful, and in fact would like to quote extracts from the passages of Mahabharata that you have cited. Perhaps I will find other
passages also. Could you tell me if you have a policy for

My writing is for academic purposes and has minimal
commercial value. I should say thank you for your excellent
website. I was referred to it by the Swami Brahmeshananda, whom I interviewed in the course of my research.

With kind regards, Alan Hunter UK

I just wanted to say what a fantastic website you have.
It is one of the best Hinduism websites I have ever seen
on the internet. Keep up the good work.

Parmendar Kumar (Sydney - Australia)

PS: Perhaps you should put a guest-book up where people can express themselves like I have just done

Your hindusim website

Albert Kramer

Dear Friends!

It was such a pleasure to come across such a wonderful web site, which is very detailed and well presented. Specially having my spiritual grounding in traditional Hinduism and being blessed spending many years in an Ashram, your web site made me spend many hours in front of the PC, bringing back many fond memories, living amongst the holy men,
- the best years in my life...!

Namaste, and keep up the good work! - God bless!

- Atma-Prakash South Africa

Keep up the great work. You truly have written/collected one of the greatest collections of Hindu articles. May I suggest that you post net versions of the Hindu epics Ramayan and Mahabharat on to your website.


Subject: Hinduism a new meaning for us

Just a short note to say many thanks. Your site has brought a new meaning of Hinduism to my extended family. Our forefathers went to Fiji in mid eighteenth century under the indentured labour system from India yet we have maintained our culture and religious belief throughout.

We believe your site is most comprehensive, explanatory and explicit. Please keep up with the good work.

Govind Maharaj, Fiji

Subjest: Great source of wisdom

Noble Sirs,

I just wanted to relay to you our appreciation of your most wonderful and informative site. It has been our honour to find and browse (and learn from) your most excellent and informative site.

I write on behalf of the Guyana Hindu Youth Organisation (in Guyana, South America). I have been reading (learning) and sharing your articles with members and friends. All wish to express their gratitude and humble greetings.

Bhai Yoganand B. Mahadeo
on behalf of the Guyana Hindu Youth Organisation
Subjest: well done on a great website!


Well done on a great website.Keep up the good work.I am looking for the website which distrabute daily mantras,
sections of the sacred text,etc daily by email.Do you know of it?

Kind regards
Manoj Lakhani
South Africa
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Amit Nishar
Hi There

Thank you very much for a beautiful web site.
The information herein is intriguing and well versed.

Looking forward to learning a lot from this site.

Vasie Naicker
South Africa

I don't have words to express my feelings about your
website. Its an excellent website. I am working in
Saudi Arabia and there are no means available for the
upliftment of one's ATMA but to go to your site. I am
so much happy that I can't tell you. There is a lot
to read and I don't know whether I will be able to
read this all. Once again I want to thank you for
such a good website.

With kind regards,
Ashok Mehra
Soudi Arabia

I appreciate your effort in Absolutely
magnificent. Keep it up! If I can be of any use to you,
let me know. I would deem it as a privilege to add pebbles in your effort to build a bridge.

Karthikeyan Kumaraguru
Batavia Ohio 45103.

Thank you for your wonderful summary of all important themes

Sincerely Udo (Germany)
Oh well. I was seeking some insight into Hinduism and visited your page.
It's very good and laid out extremely well.

It was a wonderful experience. Reading this site one easily finds his doubts clarified on basics of Hinduism. I am a individual from India and I was introduced to this site by my friend here. I am a student and am
working with few people in spreading Vedantic litrerature in Tamil in the form of the magazine "Sri Ramakrishna Vijvyam".

With thanks,


What a beautiful site. I came across this site by accident, and believe me it was a pleasant experience. Packed with knowledge. Please do not remove this site. I now visit practically everyday. A must for spiritually inclined mind.

Thank you for all the work you do.


Hari Om ... Pranam ..

Love and greetings to you!

At long last I got to visit your very, very impressive Website!
I read about 'GURU' and 'HINDU SECTS' .
You have not left any stone unturned, have you?!

NO one reading it with leisure would remain ignorant
about Hinduism, that's for sure.

South Africa

In going through your website I am amazed at the information that is supplied.I feel this information is vital for the youth and for the continuous growth in Hinduism , I now refer to this information regularly and update myself and my three children.
Please continue to upgrade and congratulations to all that have contributed to this website. Keep up the good work.

Manoj Pem
South Africa

Your site has very good material.
We may want to link with it

Vivekananda Centre London

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Your excellent web site

Namasthe. Please accept my congratulations
for the excellent contents
and organization of your web site.

I happened to come across your site while searching the internet for Hindu sites interested in preservation of the Sanathana Dharma. Your site signifies the dedication and service mindedness of its key sponsors. From that perspective, I have taken the liberty of addressing this email to you, with the hope that you would not mind it.

K. Kameshwaran
RIYADH - 11554 Saudi Arabia

I am a regular visitor of your web
site and it is very informative.
Thanking you,
Nattalie Sam

My name is Rahul Yadav. I have visited your site hundreds
of times because it is like a "supreme database of knowledge on Hinduism." I have used quotes from the Vedas and many other holy scriptures to prove ignorant people wrong many times. They kept asking me for quotes over and over again and thanks to your site that I am now able to defend my beliefs!
Thank you very very much! May God bless you and your work.

Rahul Yadav
Hi there !

Whoever is linked with making with website...I salute
them. You are really great. I found this site extremely good.
I would like to thank you. Is there anyway I can contribute
for this site ?

Thanks again
Jay Hind.

Jayesh Marthak

Respected fellow-Sanatani,

After a long time I visited your web page this morning. I would be much
indebted if you could send me (through e-mail?) a transcript of the original text of the article on page ‘Women’ on your web site, which is mentioned as "Translated from an Indian manuscript discovered in Tibet, written by an ancient Brahmin".
It is so touching but almost appears a utopian dream these days.

I can not sufficiently express my appreciation for the work you have done and the way in which you uncompromisingly adhere to the *original* parampara in compiling the information, specifically on sensitive topics. Indeed Bhagavan is with us -
though we may face so many difficulties, the Veda Vakya does not go astray - satyam eva jayate naanrutam.

It is by His strength that we are strong - may He take us ahead on the path He has planned.

Your fellow-Sanatani
Shriramana Sharma.


I love your web site!! Very, very interesting. Thanks for doing it, it's nice to have something on the internet to remind of you of real reality, :-) Do you have any ideas on how I might meet people interested in awareness of this nature in my community?


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Namashkar and Vandemataram
Congratulations for your breathtaking, informative
and very resourceful webpage.

I hope you don't mind that I include your address in
my web page's links. I really wonder, how much time
you have taken to build your page.

A. Purmanund
Religious and Cultural Issues
Sanskriti Newspaper

I was amazed at the wealth of infomation this site offer me it is also easier to read that the books i've tried to read which has too many non English terms.( pure South African) i would like to know more about where I can get a hard copy of this works (my father hates computers)

Thank you

(ps I'd like to know more about the people who put up this site too

Rahul Yadav

Jesse Graham
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 00:44:36

Subjec: Wow


I just read the page "Hinduism-Brief Sketch" ... I have never really studied Hinduism, just have had a couple of friends in my past that were from India and talked to them a little, but even before I spoke to them I had firm ideas about things.
The amazing thing is, they are identical.
Where can I learn more, is there a good book for English speaking Americans?

Thank you.


I have checked your webpage it is very interesting and worth spending time to read very useful material especially on Sri Ramana Maharishi. I have a request to make if you could post any scripts from a book named "No Mind I Am the Self" which is about Swamy Lakshmana who was a desciple of Sri Ramana

Maharishi and is written by David Godman.

Thanks a lot,


The site is excellent. But not many know about it.

I suggest that you provide links to your site from other hindu main links like hindu web ring, Pl. keep up the good work and improve on it.

K. Kameshwaran

You have a truly outstanding website on Hinduism - mature and giving traditional canonical citations. However, despite looking, I could not find
out who you are, so that I could thank you for this great service you are doing.

I am going to be using your website as a regular reference in my writings and I wanted to give you credit, but your website name is unwieldy. May I suggest that you give a good website name.

Warmest regards.
Have a nice day now.

Nagendra Rao
Flushing, Queens, NY 11355 USA

Thanks, this web site has very informative
knowledge for spiritual growth

Top  To top of this page
Index Alphabetical [Index to Pages] - "An Excellent Site" ..
Great Service ..May some day, I wish, someone could
make this Great Wealth available
to The blind and deaf friends as well.

Mohan Vijayaraghavan


i was very impressed, happy and elated to read the information on your website. i just love the info on your website.however, i am interested in the data posted there namely about amazing science, and all the data.

Could you direct me to where i could gather more information and material of the amazing science mentioned by Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha and about the discoveries of Sage Kapil.

thanks for your help,
Viswanath Ananth

Hi guys,

I could not find much info about who is running and
maintaining this website, but whoever it is, note these:

1. the site is absolutely wonderful. simple style, and most importantly, loads of GOOD content. BRAVO and Keep it up

2. I would like to get in touch with the people maintaining this
resource. I have some ideas about further improving this resource and using it for other purposes, including educational ones in colleges and schools please reply in person,

Amit Sharma

I love the web site

Jennifer Polan

Dear Sir/Madam,

While surfing, we visited your wonderful website. Your
website has been tastefully designed and is a heaven
with best wishes


Dear Sir,

I visited your site it is a very good and
comprehensive site on Hinduism

Yogesh Pai

Subject : Wonderful site

I am Jeyakumar Krishnamoorthy from SanJose, California.
and i visited this( site for first time.
I feel that this is really a wonderful site that i ever visited in my life. It looks like a perfect blend of rich extracts taken from
encylopedia on Hinduism. I think the contents of this whole site may form a good book on Hinduism. Do u have any published books on these contents? Please give me details if you have any published books.


I would just like to say that I used your website for an
important project on HInduism, for school. It was one
of the most resourceful sites that I used! It was great,
with so much information, & easy access.
Thank you, your website is great!!!
Website User,
~Anitha A.Deshamudre.~

I have been going through your website " ". Firstly let me
congratulate you on an excellent presentation. I'm glad that in most instances the topics being presented are quoted from our great scriptures such as the Mahabharata etc. rather than the opinion of some individual, be he a swami or not.

Anil M Vallabh
South Africa
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